Altun Ha / Jungle River


As with any excursion, part of the excitement lies within the journey itself, meander up the river and experience the flora and fauna. Visit our Maya ruin “Altun Ha” situated in the heart of the rural Belize District. The majestic ruins serve as a reminder of the elaborate ceremonial centers constructed by the Classic Maya civilization.

From the central plaza visitors are invited to explore some of the most prominent of Altun Ha’s five hundred visible structures and mounds including the towering temple A1 or Temple of The Green Tomb from which the revered jade head of sun god Kinich Ahua along with over three hundred dazzling jade objects were excavated. Other key areas of interest include the mysterious Temple of The Masonry Alters which is laden with shadowy passageways, narrow stairways, and a series of enclosed chambers once used by high priests in religious rituals.

After a breathtaking and historic tour have an exotic lunch of inland cuisine which consist of fish and wild game at the incredible, world famous Maruba Jungle Spa, enjoy swimming in their fresh water pool and horseback riding or perhaps indulge yourself with a massage or mud bath.




Time 8:30AM – 4:30PM

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